Vskin Helmet Motorcycle Mask

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Vskin Motorcycle Mask CollectionThe Vskin Motorcycle Mask Story

The Helmet Motorcycle Mask came about one day as I was riding in the fall.  I was on the Vrod, with her “Vskin: Nightskin” wrap.  I passed a few other riders that day with face masks; the stretch fabric type.  Like many of us in the design business, there’s an idea !  I like the look but the pull on/over: another thing to look after as I ride, what if you added all that style and bravado to your helmet.

A few days later in the studio I made a frame, roughed in the shape in modeling clay and thought, not bad.  An FRP slash or 2 later while making some adjustments and I had the first prototype in hand.  I set the Mask in place on my skull cap helmet.  I couple more rough sketches and the Hannibal idea pops.  Stainless steel bars would be cool, but none to be found in the studio.  Leather, I know I have some leather shoe laces, that will work.  Mount this thing to check the view and the look, the mirror showed some promise, this is a fun looking piece.  This is mostly art/ bling for the bad boy rider, and many of us are required to ride with a helmet.  Adding some spice and flair to a requirement is always a good idea.  Besides, this could be altered to cover many a look and style.

The Skull mask original was a black FRP unit.  I decorated it with some white accents.  Honestly, the original lay-up was a mess and had voids in the surface.  I adapted those to look like worm holes in the surface.

Out for a test read, WILL anybody notice this MASK?     Read the full story and find out >>