Ever wish you had the ability to visualize what you are thinking, but you don’t know how? OGG offers a solution: Rapid Visualization services for business.

In the Design world the classic “design brief” is a verbal expression of what is going to be a visual expression in the end. That “design brief” is the black and white flat definition of great design waiting to be visualized. This design brief process is flawed. Do you feel confident enough to spend thousands of dollars for a “creative designer” to get lucky enough to provide that great solution without a visualized brief?

Let me use my hand, eye and brain to process your verbal expressions into a visual brief which becomes the basis for moving forward. In joining your core team of corporate disciplines: those directly impacted by a new design, OGG can build consensus of direction and direct the final design toward a solution that becomes easier to implement. Working live with you within a visual roll drawing format allows OGG to place your ideas on paper, provide a visual record which can become the start point for the final 3D solution.

By example: Texaco wanted a new one quart oil package. With all departments in a round table environment and OGG with 50 yards of paper, we began. After a full day and some 250 expressions of what this new package could be, we narrowed the field to 3 concepts that met the needs of all. The package contained patented technology to lightweight, saving money and in the end presented Texaco with a fresh market place look that fit the needs of all involved. We had a “visual design brief” with real direction at the end of “one” day.