The VERTO lounge - The BUILT TO ORDER concept

VERTO Lounge Group – Modular Lounge Furniture

Built by Richard Ogg exclusively for Blockhouse Contract Furniture

Industrial Design is all about solving problems. Aesthetics and manufacturing come together to address the needs and desire of the marketplace. Ego plays a major role in most design initiatives. Often the expressed design is looked upon as high art not meant for the masses. Of course the designer wants to be appreciated for that expression but in the modern industrial society, where individual expression at all levels is becoming more prevalent, everybody wants to add their two cents. Thus VERTO Modular Lounge Furniture idea was born.

Contract furniture became fertile ground for numerous architects prior to the Industrial Design movement. This trend continues. The evolution of Industrial Design has seem many an ID person contribute to furniture design. Research and need evaluation is a growing influence for any product development scheme in this modern industrial society. This leads us to a changing method for all design, product, consumer goods and furniture.

Options, options, options. To meet the desires and needs of those who insist on versatile selection in addressing the variables of finding the right piece of furniture for the environment. Style is subjective.

My goal with VERTO was to give you the facility planner and interior designer an objective means to meet your subjective criteria. Thus; Blockhouse has coined the term, “BUILT to ORDER”

D Brown at Pratt Institute, 1972, assigned the 3D class: Create the perfect cube. Call me reminiscent, but that was a great project, then and today. Premise and hypothesis, the start point of simple solutions held to with a passion, a focus. Add the manufacturing cards and you get VERTO, by Richard Ogg

College real estate is expensive. Square footage is under pressure and yet everyone wants to meet the needs of student comfort, size within that limited space. Research directed me toward a call for more home like furniture, the opposite of good scale and space management.

VETRO is an expression of scale for the college modular lounge furniture market. The design is simple in style with a multiplier of style options to fit any theme. There are a number of standard fair options, flat, concave and convex in everyone’s product offering. The scale is NEW in it’s width and depth and comfort. Given it is not the soft living room over stuffed fluff. It is comfort with posture and a more long term sense of support. Changing to an ergonomic seat and back shell construction, eliminating the use of metal springs is a big step forward. ( Springs circa 1800. ) The construction of the box is like a house, internal structure and sheeting applied. Changes in furniture materials demand a change in construction method. ( The Uni-body in automotive design. ) Taking an old idea wasn’t out of the question, inherent value is a valid option. ( Key-lock concept revised. )

The story goes; Frank Lloyd Wright’s parents gave him a great set of building blocks as a child and look how he made use of them. I’ve designed the basic blocks for you, now take them and run. This is not just furniture for the college market, it is a system that lets you select parts designed to interact with each other which in turn give you the options to address your floor plan, fit your space and style your look. Custom components available.


From the current parts list there are some 30,000 variable in end product. I haven’t begun to stop designing components to increase this offering. Now isn’t that better than just getting to pick the color.

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Let us know. This is the first in a series of standard design offering. If you want something special shoot us an email.