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The Vskin Story

The Helmet Mask came about one day as I was riding in the fall.  I was on the Vrod, with her “Vskin: Nightskin” wrap.  I passed a few other riders that day with face masks; the stretch fabric type.  Like many of us in the design business, there’s an idea !  I like the look but the pull on/over: another thing to look after as I ride, what if you added all that style and bravado to your helmet.


A few days later in the studio I made a frame, roughed in the shape in modeling clay and thought, not bad.  An FRP slash or 2 later while making some adjustments and I had the first prototype in hand.  I set the Mask in place on my skull cap helmet.  I couple more rough sketches and the Hannibal idea pops.  Stainless steel bars would be cool, but none to be found in the studio.  Leather, I know I have some leather shoe laces, that will work.  Mount this thing to check the view

and the look, the mirror showed some promise, this is a fun looking piece.  This is mostly art/ bling for the bad boy rider, and many of us are required to ride with a helmet.  Adding some spice and flair to a requirement is always a good idea.  Besides, this could be altered to cover many a look and style.


The Skull mask original was a black FRP unit.  I decorated it with some white accents.  Honestly, the original lay-up was a mess and had voids in the surface.  I adapted those to look like worm holes in the surface.


Out for a test read, WILL anybody notice this MASK?


It’s crazy how some things seem to stand out; get noticed.  I’d see auto drivers taking a second look.  Other moto riders also seemed to take a glance toward the MASK. Once hung on my bars at the local watering hole more questions and comment, mostly good.  Some: cool but not for me, you should sell them.  I had people yelling across parking lots: Cool helmet !


So here you go.  I decided to build some tooling and form the MASK in ABS, starting with the Original Skull MASK offered in Black ABS.  This MASK is the NO frills version of my first prototype.  It isn’t a safety item is a style piece.  Art for your ride.  Decorate them and apply them to your skull cap as you like.  Find your position before you place the mechanical fasteners to secure the MASK.  I used a short SS screw for my first one.  That’s your part of the deal.  On the looks side, I may offer a decoration package in the future with piecing options and more metal and leather accents. Guess that’s the cult side of this product.

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Let us know. This is the first in a series of standard design offering. If you want something special shoot us an email.

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